Curry Up And Grow Hair Thickener Oil/Helps With Dandruff/ Split Ends/Dry Scalp

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Curry Up and Grow is an All natural hair oil that is infused with herbs that promote growth. The benefits of this oil are plenty.

Continued use will give amazing results.

Makes your hair amazingly soft.

This hair oil contains herbs that have been used for centuries in maintaining hair health.

This oil can be used regardless of your hair type. It strengthens weak hair and promotes growth.

20 Herbs along with my special blend of organic carrier oils.


Khus Khus: promotes regeneration of new hair follicles and adds shine.

Rose Petals: have antioxidant and anti microbial agents that cleanse and nourishes your scalp, fortifying your follicles to grow thick hair strands.

Aloe Vera: nourishes hair follicles and stimulate growth. Aloe Vera stops shedding, dandruff, scalp irritation and hair fall.

Amla: prevents hair from premature greying, stimulates hair growth, increases scalp circulation treats dandruff, is a scalp cleanser, strengthens hair and adds a natural shine. It also thickens the hair.

Curry Leaves: are loaded with properties that can work wonders for your hair. They are rich in antioxidants and the antioxidants moisturize the scalp and also removes dead hair follicles. Curry leaves prevent hair loss and the thinning of hair.

Fenugreek seeds: rich in vitamins A, K and C, Fenugreek seeds treats hair loss and dandruff. Promotes growth. Gives you stronger follicles.


Apply to the scalp and massage for a few minutes. Oil can be applied daily for spot treatments or at least 2-3 times a week to your liking. Oil is a sealant and not a moisturizer. Please apply to damp hair or after applying your moisturizer(leave in or hair cream).

Can be used on hair and scalp before you wash your hair.

Wash with our Ayurvedic Strengthening Shampoo that contains Ayurvedic Herbs that promote hair growth. And deep condition with our Ayurvedic Shikakai Moisturizing Conditioner.

This oil will give you long, thick and lustrous hair. It Works! 

Customer Reviews

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Sydney H.
Reduced My Shedding

It smells great and did not cause any irritation on my sensitive skin and almost immediately helped reduced hair shedding. I went from palm sized balls of hair in the shower to small quarter sized.

Claudia Mota
This Product Works

Oh my God! I love your product!


As a Sr woman at age 73 yrs of I find that my pride and joy, my once thick jungle weed hair is now THIN & WIMPY. So I did the Big Chop for new growth. Ordered this oil to try to look forward to a little bit of thickness and it's working. Still early in the process but it's picking up my old curl pattern and IS thickening up a noticeable bit. We comment again after the second bottle is empty.

Rosalind Hammond

Thank you so much for being such a loyal customer. You're like family now. :)


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