Hair Growth Scalp Massager and Scrubber, Stimulates Hair Follicles, Gently Massages

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 Healthy Hair Starts At The Roots!

This stimulating scalp massager is the perfect tool to nourish your scalp and promote healthier-looking hair. Its silicone design features soft bristles and a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle. This scalp massager can be used when you oil your hair as well. 

Use it wet or dry, with or without your favorite Unique Organics hair oils or shampoos – the options are endless! Plus, it works for all hair types!
To use, simply hold in the palm of your hand and massage your scalp with circular motions. Enjoy scalp massage bliss! After, rinse the massager in cool water and hang it up to dry. 


Scalp massagers do work to exfoliate the scalp, relieve symptoms of dandruff, stimulate blood flow and circulation, promote hair health and growth, and help your products work harder for you.

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Great addition to shower routine!

Shalamar Jones

I love how comfortable it is to hold it, it’s lightweight & feels so good on your scalp!

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